Thanks for taking a look at the SouthernGFX creative courses page. Hopefully you’ve landed here because you are interested in one of our courses and possibly from your SouthernGFX Youtube channel.


I’m Glen Southern and I started the company in 2010 to provide digital assets and services to a wide range of clients in the media and entertainment sector. Since then we added team members to look after editing, business development and the day to day 3D modeling. We also opened a face-to-face training studio to teach ZBrush right here in the UK. During COVID we had to change our ways of working and even though we are still delivering to clients all over the world, every week we now only provide training through our online store.

I’ve been teaching digital sculpting since it began in the 1990’s and more recently we branched out into teaching VR creation tools and courses for sculpting on the iPad. We are bringing all of those courses into this one store and hopefully, we can help you find the right solution for you.

Our goal is to help people be creative in new and innovative ways and that isn’t always just about art……


Our first online course was designed to help people learn to sculpt on an iPad and we chose Nomad Sculpt as the software of choice. It’s our most popular course and we haven’t had a day where we didn’t sell one! Ever! The feedback has been fantastic across the board and at the time of writing this, we have students in over 80 counties.


But we offer so much more than that……


 How we structure our courses


So to help you choose the right course for you let me examine how we break down the type of course that we offer.


Our courses are either a Foundation, a Skill Building or a Project based format


The foundation courses are the deep dives into a subject, software or business tool like our Youtube-For-You course. They cover a subject in its entirety from the ground up and are generally 5-10 hours of in-depth learning.


The ‘Skill builder’ courses are a little more targeted and aim to teach one aspect of a subject in greater detail. We would always advise that anyone taking these courses is not a beginner or preferable has taken our beginner course in the area. These are generally 2-3 hours in length.


The ‘Project-based’ courses are for specialist areas and generally assume that the student has a good grasp of the area of focus and just wants to get the specifics from the course. These are anywhere from 1-3 hours.


All of our courses are available via Kajabi which is an online learning platform that allows us to stream our courses, add files and documents to specific chapters and interact with our students. Kajabi is available on any browser-capable device and through an iOS app.


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