Sculpting on your Iphone


This week's Youtube video was an experiment in how to sculpt on your iPhone.

Sounds a little crazy I know but bear with me and take a look:


 Can you sculpt on an iPhone? We have spent months using Nomad Sculpt on the iPad and showing how amazing that can be, but we never looked at whether it's possible on an iPhone. Until now! Sculpting on an iPhone might seem counterintuitive as the screen is so small but believe it or not it's actually quite a nice experience You can even go full screen and get much more space with a four-finger tap! As far as 3D mobile apps go, Nomad sculpt must be one of my favourites right up there with Procreate. Sculpting model on your phone is possible with a range of cheap styluses and whilst they are not even close to the amazing apple pencil, the results are great. So let’s take a look at how to sculpt on your iPhone with nomad sculpt and create some smartphone 3d art. Come on Maxon! Release a new version of Forger as Nomad sculpting is...

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Uncategorized Mar 12, 2021

So tonight we are sending a link to our existing members with a discount offer for our second iPad sculpting course, all about sculpting a Trex on your iPad with Nomad sculpt.

If you have ever wanted to create your own dinosaur from scratch and you like the idea of sculpting then grab your iPad and apple pencil and grab this course!

Existing members 12th March 2021

Available 17th March 2021

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Nomad Sculpt - Making and using matcaps in Procreate for nomad sculpt - Part 2

This is the second video in a Nomad Sculpt Matcap set.


In the first video, I looked at how to make Matcaps in a few different ways using Nomad Sculpt and Procreate on the Ipad. This video is about what we do with the output from that first one. Matcaps were made very popular in programs like ZBrush in the mid-2000’s. You now find them in lots of programs including Blender, Modo and, of course, Nomad. They are sometimes called LitSpheres. describes it as:

‘matcap stands for “material capture” – it is a complete material including lighting and reflections so you can add it to an object and not have any need for, well, lighting and reflections. It is most commonly used for sculpting, as it gives quick and useful feedback on how an objects shape is changing’


Take a look on Youtube

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