Nomad Sculpt - Making and using matcaps in Procreate for nomad sculpt - Part 2

This is the second video in a Nomad Sculpt Matcap set.


In the first video, I looked at how to make Matcaps in a few different ways using Nomad Sculpt and Procreate on the Ipad. This video is about what we do with the output from that first one. Matcaps were made very popular in programs like ZBrush in the mid-2000’s. You now find them in lots of programs including Blender, Modo and, of course, Nomad. They are sometimes called LitSpheres. describes it as:

‘matcap stands for “material capture” – it is a complete material including lighting and reflections so you can add it to an object and not have any need for, well, lighting and reflections. It is most commonly used for sculpting, as it gives quick and useful feedback on how an objects shape is changing’


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