$37.00 USD


This course is for anyone who wants to follow along and learn how I go about concepting creatures for games, movies, tv and immersive projects that we take on here at SouthernGFX.

The creature we are going to create is called the Crab King and it’s a chimeric creature which means it a fantasy creature made up of different types of other creatures and in this case it’s part crab, part human, part dog and even part insect. 

To make all those parts fit together well we have to make lots of choices in the concept stage and I’ll show you how I go about that.

You really need to have a basic understanding of Nomad Sculpt before you start as we don’t teach all the tools from the ground up. If you feel you need to learn more before starting then consider taking our complete beginners course.

This course is broken down into stages and it’s easy for you to follow along-

  • We start with the Design and sketching phase
  • Then blocking out the model with basic primitives.
  • We cover how nomad is great for posing parts in a hierarchy as we go 
  • Then we move onto secondary sculpting where we refine the model a bit more.
  • Then onto detailing with alpha maps and I’ll show you how to make some of your own.
  • Then onto painting, materials, lighting and then where we go after the concept model is created.