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Creating small environments in Nomad

Creating small environments in Nomad sculpt

The environment that a character is placed in, is just as important as the character itself. This iPad sculpting course will show you how to make impressive-looking scenes using plants, trees, rocks, mushrooms and a host of other things that you might find in a garden.

Environments are really important in a number of ways.

  1. As bases for your characters and creatures.

  2.  As backgrounds for other projects.

  3. To give depth and sometimes reality to your work.

  4. As stand-alone  art pieces

  5. As a great way to start an AR (augmented reality piece)

  6. Great for botanical art

  7. Great for 2D artists and illustrators to make background and scenes

  8. Great for storyboard artists to layout complex 3D scenes


What People Are Saying:

Absolutely gob smacked... Not only is this a fantastic in depth guide to using a product that is nothing short of incredible, It is a fantastic in depth guide to sculpting, something I was once told you can't teach. Glen has just prove that to be incorrect on so many levels and for a price that is more than affordable. I have bought and tried to follow many tutorials over the last few years this is by far the best I have found and to date the only one I have actually managed to complete. Hats off.

Lee D'arcy

I've had the privilege of test flying this course and let me just say that I wish I'd watched this as a beginner, there's years worth of info here, condensed into eight or nine hours of video. I'll guarantee this will take a noob from zero to hero in the space of a couple of days! If you're already 3d veteran, looking at figuring out yet another piece of software, the first section will have you up to speed in no time flat and I don't care how good you think you are, you'll still learn a thing or two from watching Glen's process! ;)

Ross Young

Having been lucky enough to test SouthernGFX new iPad Sculpting in Nomad course I can definitely say it will be worth every penny. With over 9 hours of top grade content it will certainly bring any novice up to speed with sculpting in Nomad. The course covers every aspect of the Nomad app, breaking it down into individual chapters that are presented very clearly with Glen's usual friendly presentation style. Anyone who has watched any of Glen's YouTube videos, which I'm guessing will be quite a few in this group should know what to expect. And don't think this is just a course for beginners there is enough Nomad info and valuable sculpting knowledge to make the course of interest to novices and more experienced users. Check out the free preview video for a sneak peek and sign up for the full course when it is released. I can guarantee you won't regret it.

Keith T